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Saturday, October 6, 2012

BJP will win 133 seats in Gujarat Election Survey 2012 'Lens on News' Survey Results

Gujarat Election Survey 2012 : BJP may win 133 seats in 'Lens on News' Survey Results

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected to sweep 50 percent of all votes and win 133 of the 182 seats in the upcoming elections in Gujarat, a survey of voters released on Friday said.
In contrast, the Congress would maintain its 38 percent vote share but get only 43 seats, a drop of 16 from its 2007 tally, the LensOnNews survey said.
According to the results of ‘Lens on News’ survey, the ruling BJP party would get at least 50 percent votes in the upcoming elections there by forms the government. This party is expected to come to power again, by defeating its opposition parties in December 2012 as per the survey. They add, BJP will gain impeccable position by winning in 133 seats out of 182 assembly seats. As per the survey, Congress party will bag only 38 percent seats and might get confined to 43 seats. When compared with the 2007 Assembly elections, congress party will lose 16 seats.

The findings follow a survey of 7,294 voters across 52 constituencies across the state.
The BJP’s projected seats would be a gain of one percent in vote share but would give it 16 more seats as compared to 2007, it said.
The Congress is slated to maintain its 38 percent vote share but get only 43 seats.
It said the phenomenon of a small swing of vote share resulting in a disproportionate benefit to the BJP in terms of seats was dominantly due to the delimitation exercise.
Of the 16 more seats projected to be gained by the BJP since 2007, a substantial number of 10 seats are to be attributed to an increase in the number of urban seats, it said.
The Congress, the survey said, was handicapped as it lacked a state leader to match the stature of Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

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